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eh, i didnt think it was funny. i didnr see any jokes per se, just the rythms of jokes. also it seems like an exercise in tone, trying to immitate the surreal-yet-funny kind of sthf humor, which you did immitate well, but the lack of comedic content jusat made it seem empty and contrived.

great animation, really great actually. sadly though, thats where the boat stops for me. i didnt really see a joke or anything. it had the rhythms of a joke, but i didnt see anything funny. maybe it made more sense in the original comic?

and to the VAs, your voices are nice, and melody bell did a good imitation, but both VA's line delivery was waaaaay flat.

PenguinPotential responds:

Thanks for the fair review. Sorry the storyline wasn't enough for more than 1 star xD I'll do better next time!

finally, justification for paying 5-7 hundred on a phone

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That was pretty cool.

Protip: Don't win!

Sorry, but I didn't like it.

Firstly, it was poorly drawn.

Second, All you do is click everything in the room, and then you win the game???

Third, the tutorial is wrong. It's simple physics that the mouthpiece should ALWAYS be above the chamber and carburetor. Smoke rises.

Just for the simple fact that someone might ACTUALLY use his tutorial, I have to vote this down. Sorry.

Level 4

I jump to dodge the apple cores, but she gets hurt anyway? Even if I jump straight up and theres no burger there, as soon as the apple core reaches her, she starts blinking.

Apart from that bug, the first three levels were fun, interesting, and the character movements were well animated.

lartar responds:

I will look that up right away. ;) Thanks for the bug report.

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its good, kind of reminds me of When I Grow Up from the Matilda musical

That was pretty good stuff. But then again, you're Jade Forrester.

Piper responds:


Thanks. :)

Thats dope. the drums were a little hard to follow though at times.

AliceMako responds:

Yeah, needs more mastering as usual :3

I'll get to that eventually.

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i like the lineart, colors and your overall style, but there are 2 different shading styles, sometimes even on the same character, and overall the shading is inconsistent.

BryanV responds:

No actually, I use soft shading on rounded areas, while I do the opposite on flat areas or parts that don't get direct light. But I see what you mean, it looks inconsistent.

I was born 88 technically making me a 90s kid but I did still have all these experiences, just a little younger.

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